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Cancer and benign tumors


    PMID: Abstract The aim of this study was to describe a single institution's experience with transanal endoscopic microsurgery TEMS in patients with benign and malignant rectal tumors. Material and method: This was a prospective descriptive survey.

    Translation of "tumoră benigna" in English Cancer and benign tumors. Traducere "benign tumor" în română Conținutul Materials and method. Based on their tumoral behavior, we had: three cases of benign tumors, all of them associated with cancer cells benign malignant different histological tumor type and grade in the contralateral ovary, 12 cases of borderline tumors and 46 cases of malignant tumors 39 cases of primary and 7 cases of secondary tumors.

    Between January and January14 patients underwent transanal endoscopic microsurgery excision of benign 8 or malignant 6 rectal tumors, located 4 to 15 cm from the dentate line.

    Median age was Results: The average cancer and benign tumors size was 3. Median length of hospital stay was 4.

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    During the follow-up period, benign tumor recurrence was observed in one patient 7. Histologic staging of malignant tumors was T1 2 and T2 4.

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    In two patients with inadequate resection margins open radical surgery was performed. One had recurrent disease, which was managed by radical surgery.

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    No cancer-related deaths were observed during the follow-up period. There was no operative mortality. No major postoperative complications were recorded.

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    Anal incontinence persisted for 3 weeks in one patient. Conclusion: Transanal endoscopic microsurgery excision is a safe and precise technique and should become a procedure of choice for benign rectal tumors and selected early malignant neoplasms.

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